Release Candidate 2 and regressions

Martin Koller kollix at
Wed Jan 4 22:57:04 UTC 2012

On Wednesday, 4. January 2012 23:11:38 David Faure wrote:

> To come back to the topic of the thread: I'm confused; if the kmail 
> screenshots are from kmail2, they are unrelated to khtml, so where are the bug 
> reports relating to it? Or were they from kmail1?

They are from kmail1, since the system I'm also testing the RC on is my work system
with tenthousands of mails and my last try to migrate to kmail2 failed miserably,
therefore I still can only use kdepim-4.4 (this is the part I mentioned in my
previous mail with "the current situation with kdepim/akonadi")
> Thanks for your RC testing, in any case, much appreciated.

you're welcome ... to be continued ;-)

Best regards/Schöne Grüße

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