Another RC?, was: Re: Akonadi-Nepomuk Feeder Improvements

Sebastian Kügler sebas at
Sun Dec 30 00:18:06 UTC 2012

On Friday, December 28, 2012 21:54:17 Andreas K. Huettel wrote:
> Seriously. I know I'm probably just putting my foot in my mouth once more 
> here, but:
> What are betas and rc's for, if not for stabilizing code and progressing to 
> smaller and smaller non-intrusive changes? If you decide do kick out and
> replace a large chunk of code between rc1 and rc2, 2 weeks before release,
> you may as well re-label the 4.10.0 release "beta1".

Maybe we should do that. Vishesh has a patch for Dolphin's filepreviewer that 
is also waiting, and with the akonadi Nepomukfeeder fixes, we could consider 
putting another release candidate in, do the actual release three weeks later 
than planned, BUT ship an SC with much improved Nepomuk, which will probably a 
lot of users happy. Aside from that, the testing initiative was geared up a 
bit late this time around, we only announced that in the last RC.

Who would be in favour of inserting another RC and three weeks to get 
Christian's and Vishesh's Nepomuk patches in *and* rockstable? Would it create 
any timing problems for distros that are going to ship 4.10? How does testing 
and user feedback look so far, with RC1?
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