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Torgny Nyblom nyblom at kde.org
Tue Dec 11 05:51:26 UTC 2012


On , Jeremy Whiting wrote: 

> Hello release team guys,
> In
preparing the kdesdk rules for migrating kdesdk from svn to git I'm
wondering what the best time would be to migrate. I see 4.10 beta is to
be tagged next week, would it be best to get the migration done before
then? or wait until after 4.10 is finally released towards the end of
January? Either way I'll do a set of conversions into scratch tonight
for the application maintainers to check.

Would this involve a split as
well? If not I agree, the sooner the better. If it will, I would prefer
that the monolithic module would be available until 4.9.5 is out. This
does not mean that the conversion should not happen ASAP but that there
needs to be a simple way of recreating the old tarball layout and to
compile it in the same way that is done now. 


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