Git tags for KDE releases

Ralf Jung post at
Thu Aug 9 09:20:53 UTC 2012


> > However, for kdepim 4.8.4 I had to find out the hard way that the v4.8.4
> > tag does not compile and the tarball was re-created from some other
> > commit (I couldn't find out which, so I switched to using origin/KDE/4.8
> > instead... which of course means that my specific combination of commits
> > is not what everyone tests and uses).
> The tags should match what was released, at least it has been this way for
> all the 4.9.x alpha/beta/final releases me and Torgny have been doing, not
> sure if Dirk has been following this for the previous releases.
That's good to hear, I hope this works out the KDE 4.9 and onwards. Yesterday 
I almost went nuts because compiling libkcddb failed for the KDE/4.8 branch, 
and it was obvious that none of the v4.8.0 to v4.8.4 tags could have 
successfully compiled. Until I finally found out that, even though these tags 
exist in git and there is no kdemultimedia folder in tags/KDE/4.8.4 in SVN, 
kdemultimedia was indeed released un-split in the 4.8 series. I still have no 
clue where those source come from, but lucky enough the v4.9.0 tags compile 
against 4.8 kdelibs... trying to compile KDE from source without using the 
tarballs is really frustrating.

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