Git tags for KDE releases

Ralf Jung post at
Fri Aug 3 16:56:33 UTC 2012

Hi list,

is there a way to find out which releases of KDE software match which git 
commits? I prefer building stable KDE from git over building from a tarball, 
because that makes the downloads much smaller and it makes it easier to keep 
local patches around, or easily test a patch for the stable branch.

However, for kdepim 4.8.4 I had to find out the hard way that the v4.8.4 tag 
does not compile and the tarball was re-created from some other commit (I 
couldn't find out which, so I switched to using origin/KDE/4.8 instead... 
which of course means that my specific combination of commits is not what 
everyone tests and uses).

In some other cases, there is no git tag at all for a release: After finding 
out that for KDE 4.8, Soprano 2.7 should be used, I wanted to compile Soprano 
2.7.6 - but there is no "v2.7.6" tag in git (nor "v2.6.5", for that matter). 
For now I'm sticking to 85408e3d (which is the current origin/2.7) and hope 
that this is close to what was released, but that's not really a good 

Kind regards,

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