Opening kde-packager

Wulf C. Krueger philantrop at
Sat Apr 14 00:30:00 UTC 2012

On 11.04.2012 12:32, Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> kde-packager is secret because of security pre-announces but it seems
> better to move these to an existing list,
> all
> distros should be subscribed to this and the KDE guy and security guy
> in a distro need to coordinate for security issues anyway so that's
> no change.

Last time I checked, it was really, really hard to get on the openwall
list. In fact, we (Exherbo) have already once been denied to get on 
there and I've heard (without being able to verify those claims) that 
we're not the only ones.

At least their policy is that "New subscription requests are discussed 
in public on oss-security." and the criteria certainly aren't obvious to 
me at least.

Thus, losing packager as it is now would potentially cut us (and other 
non-huge distros) out of the loop with respect to security issues in KDE.

Best regards, Wulf

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