Garbage at the end of tar (kde 4.8.2 tarballs)

Nicolás Alvarez nicolas.alvarez at
Tue Apr 10 18:23:41 UTC 2012

2012/4/6, Aleksandar Petrinic <petrinic at>:
> There are some data at the end of kdelibs' tar (and maybe in others as
> well). Not sure what kind of data are, but they seem to me like
> garbage.

The trailing "garbage" data seems to be a non-standard index of the
tarball contents, generated by pixz.

I would advice against using pixz; for the next release use standard
xz instead. For kdelibs, xz even produced a smaller result: the
.tar.xz in KDE mirrors is 11686KiB, but recompressing the tarball
myself with xz -9 gave a 11233KiB file. And down to 11183KiB if I also
remove the pixz-generated index from the end of the .tar.


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