Garbage at the end of tar (kde 4.8.2 tarballs)

Aleksandar Petrinic petrinic at
Mon Apr 9 10:57:52 UTC 2012

Hi!! Seems like I need to explain the issue a little better.

The file integrity is ok. I can always extract the correct data, but
that's not the point.
The point is there is some garbage at the end of tar, seems like the
garbage are usually ignored but didn't
when used with pipe.

"echo ${PIPESTATUS[*]}" shows the issue about SIGPIPE.
You can also use "tar --ignore-zeros" to see the issue.

We noticed this on gentoo and on exherbo using a strict PM.

Thanks in advice. :-)

2012/4/9 Christophe Giboudeaux <cgiboudeaux at>:
> Hi,
> On Friday 06 April 2012 11:47:22 Aleksandar Petrinic wrote:
>> There are some data at the end of kdelibs' tar (and maybe in others as
>> well). Not sure what kind of data are, but they seem to me like
>> garbage.
>> For example this fails due to SIGPIPE error (basically tar closes the
>> pipe too "early"; probably there are some data/garbage besides tar's
>> data):
>> xz -dc kdelibs-4.8.2.tar.xz | tar xf - --no-same-owner
> The distro packagers didn't notice anything. The issue seems to be on your
> side.
> Did you check the file integrity ?
> sha256: 68e29ef3953f14e87aeab61618c15754950404a5b3ce1c4efae7742c1a728045
> sha-1: f844ae0877880563361144d9577706064c3483e7
> md5: e9dc9a76a785045642fb3098692618d2
> Christophe

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