Stepping down as release coordinator for KDE 4.9+

Sebastian Kügler sebas at
Wed Apr 4 21:51:47 UTC 2012

Hey Dirk, others,

> Well, the day had to come. I realize that my focus is meanwhile on many
> other tasks, and I don't have enough time and attention to follow KDE 4.9.x
> development.
> I can finish the 4.8.x series, but I would like to hand the work for 4.9.x
> and beyond over to somebody else.
> Any volunteers appreciated. I can help with understanding the current
> scriptcollection and documenting things to get a new person up to speed.
> Volunteers appreciated!

First of all, I would like to say a HUGE thanks to Dirk, who has been our 
central release dude for years. You've been one of the reliable cornerstones 
that have made a long series of releases possible and delivered. Chapeau and 
thanks for the excellent work done.

Then, from a personal point of view, as we've been working together closely on 
more than hundred releases: It has been a great pleasure, and our cooperation 
was always excellent, thanks for being such a reliable release buddy! :)

Moving on, I'm happy that some people already expressed that they're willing 
to help out. What would be important from my point is to have clear knowledge 
who takes care of the "getting tarballs onto our mirrors". The actual work can 
I think best be distributed over a team where people can fall back onto each 

I think we should get together for an IRC meeting and come up with a cunning 
plan how we are going to tackle releasing our software starting with 4.9.0, 
and use the intermittent 4.8 stable updates and pre-releases to 4.9.0 as 
transition period.

Maybe Jonathan and Allen would be willing to spearhead this, getting together 
people, and splitting up the work in a meaningful manner. I can help out 
getting this organised as well, and I think it would be good to invite one or 
more sysadmins to weigh on tooling, infrastructural, etc. questions.

I'm personally still available to do the announcement and PR side, and happy 
to work with you all. :)

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