adding a QA responsibility to the release team??

Giorgos Tsiapaliwkas terietor at
Sat Sep 17 16:59:14 UTC 2011


in the last months i was watching the releases the KDE has,and more
specifically the tarballs which gives to the distro.
I have seen more than ones,regressions to appear in the tarballs but not in
the master.This situation put me in some thoughts.
In the KDE(as a whole) i have seen a lot of afford and strategic in order to
keep the desktop environment as stable as it can be.
Despite that afford regressions still exists. Definitely this has nothing to
do with the great work or with our willingness imo it has to
do with the lack of an extra check.

I don't think that the tarballs are so tested as they should be,not because
there is no willingness but because there is no time.
It has been said to make the bug fix releases fewer,i don't know if this
will apply because i lost the track of the conversation due to my
university exams.If so this means that we can put our resources in something

So,i propose a new timeline addition in which we will check our tarballs
better and a new bugzilla compoment in which we will be able to
report regressions and critical bugs which hasn't been fixed.

As we know the tarballs are the result of our work and in the
case of non-rolling distro our small mistake can make a lot of harm in our
users and of course in the promo team,since most of the distros are not
and a new release will come very later.


Tsiapaliwkas Giorgos (terietor)
KDE Developer
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