Fwd: Requesting freeze exception for JtG

Wulf C. Krueger philantrop at exherbo.org
Tue Nov 22 21:19:21 UTC 2011

Hello Lydia,

On 22.11.2011 20:34, Lydia Pintscher wrote:
>> Anyway, releases of KDE are problematic enough for us packagers these
>> days without any additional last-minute dependencies and without
>> additional code being added that has no technical merit whatsoever.
> Can you explain what about this change makes it difficult for packagers?

Well, if you're adding a new dependency as was suggested here, this will
have to be packaged, tested on the distro level, etc.

If you're committing that directly to the existing package(s), I fear
for the quality issues that might arise. I don't know if you're
subscribed to the packagers' list as well but critisism of the releases
since 4.0 is wide-spread. That's due to bad quality on all levels.
Introducing new code this late has the potential to add to those problems.

For me, this has already led to reducing my packaging activities to a
minimum due to frustration. (Yes, I've tried to help at least by
pointing out what's wrong and how it could be solved. That was
acknowledged and nothing really ever happened anyway.)

Don't keep breaking your own rules. You may think this is a good idea
and it's "just one sensible exception" but ultimately you'll end up
hurting KDE as a whole.

Best regards, Wulf

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