Add some apps to the 4.7 release?

Sebastian Kügler sebas at
Mon May 16 14:58:43 CEST 2011


On Sunday, May 15, 2011 21:45:02 Tom Albers wrote:
> Just as Amarok is welcome to release at the same day as the SC, KOffice is
> too. And they both can have their lines in the announcement. Just because

I'm actually really uneasy about taking KOffice into the announcement. However 
you take this internally, it would create the message that we somehow choose 
KOffice over Calligra, or realistically just push Calligra to do the same, 
which would mean we'd announce two "office suites" at the same time. That's 
confusing external communication and not good for KDE as a whole.

It's probably best if the communication part would be handled by either of 
these projects, release management / communication is not a means to resolve 
conflicts or to act as political levers. This issue seems to be hot enough 
that any fact that the release-team creates has big impact on how KOffice vs. 
Calligra works out in the end, and it's just not our (r-t) thing to decide.

Also, in KDE SC, we try to prevent duplication (look back at Okular vs. 
Ligature, or at the image viewers discussion before 4.0, ...). In this case, 
including KOffice (or some of the apps in there) would basically close this 
door for Calligra, I'm assuming they'd not be comfortable with that. (Given 
the recent history, seems like a reasonable assumption, if I'm wrong -- speak 

As a result, I'm opposed to anything that involves "some kind of offical 
vetting" from "the KDE community" side.

Much rather, I'd like to give the message that release-team is not some kind 
of arbitration instance, and that conflicts should be resolved elsewhere.

> I don't like Amarok, does not entitle me to block it. If we don't want
> KOffice in the SC, it's time to say that it should leave the KDE
> infrastructure.

No, there's a huge difference between "uses KDE infrastructure / is developed 
by KDE people" and "is part of the KDE SC". You can use KDE's infrastructure 
just fine without any plans to ever become part of KDE SC, and in fact, 
extragear supports this mechanism quite well.

If Thomas is looking for someone to put a bunch of tarballs online, but making 
it part of KDE SC doesn't sound like the right thing to do for us.

Since there is at least some kind of disagreement how to go about this, I'd 
suggest Thomas takes his request to kde-core-devel, to have it discussed there 
in a wider group. Maybe everybody agrees with him, and in that case, I won't 
be the party-pooper, but right now, it just seems too politically laden for 
the release-team to decide.

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