OpenAL and SndFile as hard dependency for Granatier

Mathias Kraus k.hias at
Thu May 12 00:39:37 CEST 2011

Hello together,

as some of you might know that Phonon is not really good for games because of 
the high latency and some other issues.
Granatier used therefore for some time OpenAL and SndFile, first with 
GluonAudio then with a copy of TagaroAudio, as optional dependency.
A few days ago, Ian Wadham ported KGoldrunner to TagaroAudio (a direct copy 
from Granatier) and also want to declare OpenAL and SndFile as hard 
dependency. He will soon contact you regarding this.
For Granatier and KGoldrunner there is a difference like day and night 
regarding to the sound quality and because now not only one but two games use 
it, we think a hard dependency is justified. Also, Tagaro is supposed to be 
the successor of libkdegames, so there eventually will be more games using it.


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