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Jos Poortvliet jos at
Fri Jun 10 17:24:57 CEST 2011

On Friday 10 June 2011 01:00:45 Andreas K. Huettel wrote:
> > I just read a very good novel where all such talk about "Software
> Collection"
> > or "Platform" was aptly called "commercial bulshytt". I think many of us,
> > including your "only-users", would appreciate it if you all there
> > upstream would just stick to KDE, because that is what everyone uses.
> > Nothing else.
> > 
> > Not on-topic for this list at all, nor relevant for this thread...
> That is not true.
> The large majority of your _userbase_ does not identify themselves with,
> say, solid, okular, libkipi, phonon, and krosspython. Maybe some
> technically minded people are huge enthusiasts about plasma. In the end,
> however, what people are talking about is the entity KDE, and what people
> appreciate is its entirety as desktop environment. Not a development
> library framework. "Software Collection" at least had that still half-way
> in mind.
> Even plasma will by most people be perceived as "the desktop of KDE".
> Please don't misunderstand me, of course for software developers the
> viewpoint is a bit different, but I'm talking about users here.
> In the end, you will be perceived for what you release - and here we get
> back to this list. KDE lives from being a consistent whole. Eric Hameleers
> already made some very valid points there. Breaking KDE up does not help,
> and the coordinated releases were/are a great thing.

No matter your or anyone else's opinion on this, I think Toma is saying: let 
the release team discuss and come up with a proposal, THEN comment on it on 
kde-devel, kde-packager etcetera.

A very valid request from him and I think you should follow it.
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