No more release schedules.

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Fri Jun 10 00:08:56 CEST 2011

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> My main concern with disparate releases would be that it would be
> impossible
> to test all the possible combinations properly. Every distribution
> would end
> up with its own combination of versions, with the potential for
> incompatibilities nobody else can reproduce.

A whole distro is about making software work together. But see further down...

> Having KDE's own packages also released in an uncoordinated
> fashion 

Wow. Who suggested that? That would make a mess indeed. I certainly did not ever suggest that. If you think so, pleas reread all my mails. I've suggested that every module maintainer sets his own release schedule. It's not uncoordinated at all. It's just that the freeze for kdelibs can happen on a different time and that the version number at the end can be whatever they like. 

> Another issue is that it would really swamp most distribution's KDE
> software
> packaging teams to have to package a new release of package XYZ every
> day.

That's not what I suggested. I hope people can now stop twisting my words and reading things that are not there. 

> Then let the module maintainer decide what is
> stable for a
> point release and what not, but not proclaim a major release at a
> random point
> in time. But that's just another suggestion thrown into the mix.)

Isn't that what I suggest?

Tom Albers
KDE Sysadmin

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