No more release schedules.

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Thu Jun 9 22:34:19 CEST 2011

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> So what do you suggest? Having a central release at a certain date
> but let the modules decide when to the freezes? 


> Do beta version
> count as releases and are done centrally by the release team


> or are
> they in the responsibility of the module maintainer?

They are in the end. We are just the 'tool' for packaging, releasing and announcing..

> Let's just look at the leas invasive option: module maintainers
> decide when to freeze; releases happen centralized. This sounds OK
> so far because e.g. kdegames might need less stabilization time than
> kdelibs.


> However, even this least invasive change brings problems for
> coordinating translations. If every module has its own string freeze
> and its own doc string freeze, it becomes way harder to keep track
> of where it makes sense to work and where still can be major
> changes.

I don't see in which scenario this won't happen. We just need to have proper communication.

> From my point of view having a combined release schedule is a good
> thing and should be kept in place.

Combined release dates are fine indeed. Don't know how to do a combined release schedule...

> I think this "everyone does whet he wants" atmosphere comes from
> individual merchendising of individual teams. The whole
> Plasma/Platform/Active thingy is hardly understood by the majority
> of the KDE contributors and it just seems to them that there is a
> bunch of people going mobile and taking KDE with them regardles of
> what the other, more boring modules want.

Those that do the work decide. If the Platforms want to do have a different git workflow with different branches, i bet there is a need for different freezes. I think it's good to facilitate that, before they will do it themselves.

Tom Albers
KDE Sysadmin

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