No more release schedules.

Frederik Schwarzer schwarzer at
Thu Jun 9 22:01:44 CEST 2011

[Tom Albers - Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2011 19:28:13] 


> Since it seems some modules are going to have their own numbers and some modules will have a different (git) workflow, which will inevitably result in different release schedules, I propose we stop producing the central release schedule as we have now.

So what do you suggest? Having a central release at a certain date but let the modules decide when to the freezes? Do beta version count as releases and are done centrally by the release team or are they in the responsibility of the module maintainer?

Let's just look at the leas invasive option: module maintainers decide when to freeze; releases happen centralized. This sounds OK so far because e.g. kdegames might need less stabilization time than kdelibs.
However, even this least invasive change brings problems for coordinating translations. If every module has its own string freeze and its own doc string freeze, it becomes way harder to keep track of where it makes sense to work and where still can be major changes.

From my point of view having a combined release schedule is a good thing and should be kept in place.

I think this "everyone does whet he wants" atmosphere comes from individual merchendising of individual teams. The whole Plasma/Platform/Active thingy is hardly understood by the majority of the KDE contributors and it just seems to them that there is a bunch of people going mobile and taking KDE with them regardles of what the other, more boring modules want.

What I see is a difference with respect to the vision of the future of KDE. I think that difference was always there. But these days it becomes more and more visible.

No idea how to handle that. But dividing the release efforts does not seem to be the best idea.


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