git migration, next steps

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at
Tue Jun 7 13:17:20 CEST 2011

Le Tuesday 7 June 2011 11:01:37, Jaroslav Reznik a écrit :
> On Friday, June 03, 2011 04:27:41 PM Rex Dieter wrote:
> > On 06/03/2011 09:19 AM, Jeremy Whiting wrote:
> > > As you may or may not know kdeaccessibility and kdeutils are ready to
> > > migrate to git (when the freeze is over, don't worry).  And we'd like
> > > to know what the feeling is about the best time to migrate to minimize
> > > packaging/releasing stresses.  We'd also like to know what
> > > packagers/release-team think of the split repos already done in
> > > kde-edu, etc. Should we provide artificial monolithic tarballs?
> > 
> > I would advocate for monolithic tarballs (again) in general (not just
> > kdeedu), the current quasi-arbitrary half-done hodge-podge kde-4.6.80
> > tarballs are quite a mess (with both my packager and release-team hats
> > on).
> > 
> > Split tarballs *after* migrations are final and where it can be
> > carefully planned and executed would be more welcome, say for kde-4.8.
> +1
> It's answer for the question what does it mean for packagers. For the first
> import it means a lot of work/time/nervs ;-) and it can be done. But some
> stability and consistency is needed - to do it just once.
> As Rex and Kevin pointed out, I'm now trying to to fit the new sources to
> our current packaging scheme. Probably for kde edu, that seems like final
> split (really?) we'd like to start from scratch. But I'm not still not
> sure it's right time to do it - what in case of decision to roll back and
> release monolithic packaged for 4.7?
> So please - we'd like to see final word from release team ;-) We can adapt
> (even it won't be easy) but we have to know to what we have to adapt.
> R.

I lost track of what is the issue so I'll bear with the KDE Edu situation. 

For kdeedu we have 4.6.4 non split (apologies for 4.6.3) and next 4.7 and 
further on are split as in master KDE git.
For KDE 4.7 and current master, Kalzium, Kanagram, KHangMan, KWordQuizz and 
Parley require libkdeedu to be buit and installed first. The rest of KDE Edu 
builds as single tarballs/git repos.

As the KDE Edu team coordinator, I did not expect packagers wanting to package 
kdeedu as a whole. I'd like to know what's the reason is for monolithic 
tarballs for KDE Edu, the scope of KDE Edu applications for users being so 
diverse that no user will need to install and use all the KDE Edu 
applications. So please enlight me about a monolithic kdeedu.


PS: We did not communicate as we should have. Be aware that KDE devels have no 
idea what you're doing when you package. I assumed it's a script and would be 
easily changed, probably I assumed wrong. Be also aware that most KDE devels 
have to follow the KDE decisions (in kdeedu we knew we had to move to git and 
some devels wanted it quickly as they already built only their app code with 
patching svn), we did it the best we can and I'd like to thanks the people who 
did it even if there was a mess. The mess would have been greater if the KDE 
Edu team was left alone without experts assistance!

PS2: Qt 4.8:  Another note as I am at it: KDE 4.7 git repos do not support Qt 
4.8 as for now so issuing bug reports is not the thing to do. Talk directly 
with Qt people if you have an issue building master with Qt 4.8, thanks.

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