Perl version in KDELibs

Frederik Schwarzer schwarzer at
Mon Jun 6 01:55:06 CEST 2011


there was a report asking for a change in kdesdk's use of Perls given/when feature.
Before 5.10 there was a rather experimental "backported" implementation in the
Switch module, which was replaced by a proper one in 5.10. The old Switch was
deprecated in 5.12 and now dropped in 5.14.

So I changed the affected script and let it require Perl 5.10.

Now I wanted to backport the change to 4.6 but I am not sure if that is OK
due to the version bump and the with it changed dependency. So I looked at
kdelibs' CMakeLists.txt and found out that it does not state a version.

Does that mean it would also be satisfied by Perl 5.4 or something?

Should we set a minimum version there?


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