Heads-up: kdeutils is moving to git

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Mon Aug 22 20:54:23 UTC 2011

On Friday 19 August 2011, Jeremy Whiting wrote:
> I'm looking to migrate kdeaccessibility this weekend also.  It's mostly
> ready, just polishing it a bit in svn first (making each application build
> on its own or part of kdeaccessibility).  I'll backport these changes to
> the 4.7 branch when it's in git.
> I'm wondering the same thing, kdeaccessibility has a Mainpage.dox (as did
> kdeedu before it split) that we are wondering where to keep also, besides
> the top CMakeLists.txt for the released tarball.  I agree a git repo for
> each module makes sense rather than putting this stuff into superbuild
> (which I discussed with Allen the other night). So it would be something
> like this:
> kdeaccessibility.git (holds CMakeLists.txt, and Mainpage.dox)
> -- jovie.git
> --kaccessible.git
> --kmag.git
> --kmousetool.git
> --kmouth.git
> with similar setups for kdeedu, kdegraphics, etc.
> On the other hand if Dirk is going to use superbuild to do the release
> tarballs we could just "dump" this non-superbuild stuff into there
> Mainpage.dox, any top level README, etc. since we need to have module
> specific CMakeLists.txt in there anyway for superbuild to work.
> thoughts?

What I gathered from the Buildsystem BoF at the Desktop Summit:
* Dirk will not use Superbuild
* the distros, including Slackware, are ok with fine-grained source tarballs
* but, if we break big tarballs into smaller ones, this should be done in a 
way that the packagers are informed about the situation, and if possible it 
should not be done in a patch level release.


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