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Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto jmbsvicetto at gentoo.org
Tue Sep 7 02:15:26 CEST 2010

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On 06-09-2010 23:48, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> A Dimarts, 7 de setembre de 2010, Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto va escriure:
>> On 06-09-2010 17:43, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
>>> A Diumenge, 5 de setembre de 2010, Dima Panov va escriure:
>>>> BTW, folks, I have a question about l10n packages for kdepim.
>>>> Since kde sc 4.5 ships without kdepim, separation of l10n packs for
>>>> kdepim and rest packages looks reasonable. ATM many users who migrate
>>>> to kde sc 4.5 now unable to see localized pim apps.
>>> As i said in the "Mixing kdepim 4.4 and main modules 4.5" mail sent to
>>> kde-packager at kde.org months ago it's your responsability as packager to
>>> package the correct translations for the correct apps.
>> Hi Albert.
>> As I've also replied months ago in that same thread, I still think
>> that's an "undue burden" put over packagers from an issue created by the
>> KDE team.
>> It's an option from the KDE team to provide a single localization
>> package for the whole project for each language. I'd also like to recall
>> that contrary to what was expressed the last time this issue was
>> discussed, it's not simple to fix this issue - at least for source based
>> distributions.
> We released KDE 4.5 code tarballs with localization tarballs, and the 
> localization tarballs translate all that there is the code tarballs, so i 
> don't see what else you want us to do.
> You want our localizacion tarballs to include translations for software we are 
> not releasing in 4.5, yet?

The issue for a source distribution like Gentoo is that by having a
single localization package for each language, KDE option, we can only
build either the KDE-4.4* or KDE-4.5* localization package.
Because Gentoo is a source distribution, we can't do like binary
distributions and have a Gentoo developer building KDE-4.4.6
localization package in one chroot, build the KDE-4.5.1 localization
package in another chroot and then put the files together in a binary
package to distribute to our users. By being a source distribution,
every Gentoo user has to build the localization packages on his/her system.
What do I expect KDE to do? Since this issue was created by KDE and
until the KDE project is willing to review the splitting of the current
tarballs, including localization packages, it would be great if the KDE
project could provide a single tarball including the KDE-4.5* and the
KDEPIM-4.4* translations. Am I aware that means extra work for KDE? Yes,
but I fail to understand why you (KDE) think this extra work should fall
to packagers.

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