kdelibs 4.6 patch exception

Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Sun Nov 21 16:47:08 CET 2010

On Sunday 21 November 2010 10:29:10 am Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> Hi, i proposed a patch in kde-core-devel to help improving the translation 
> catalog loading workflow and it is having quite an agreement that it would be 
> nice to have for KDE 4.6.
> Therefore i'm asking for a exception to the freeze to commit it.
> You can find more info at http://lists.kde.org/?t=129030055000001&r=1&w=2
> Comments?
The Hard API Freeze doesn't occur until 20 December.
So you really don't need an exemption -- all you really need is the approval
of the core devs for this one, which you have it seems.

However, we are in Soft API Freeze so you should CC the kde-bindings folks on your commit.

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