Move kdeplasma-addons to git - take 2

Artur de Souza asouza at
Sun Nov 7 22:36:35 CET 2010


Quoting "Aaron J. Seigo" <aseigo at>:
> a) thanks for working on this


> b) this is going to force us to define our desired workflow for plasma now
> that we have git. more on that later, and i think an irc meeting for that is
> in order, in fact.

+1. I think that we can come up with an easy and straight forward  
workflow based on git.

> c) timing will be important and we need to coordinate development. personally
> i can imagine at least two approaches:

Quoting Tom Albers <toma at>:
> KDEPIM will switch on December 22, the day after the branch is  
> created for the 4.6 cycle. I suggest for now to match their schedule  
> so the 4.6.x will keep coming from svn and the 4.7 comes from git.
> Matching it also has it advantages regarding notifying developers of  
> the important changes and maybe the promo team can do something with  
> that too. But that's all minor.

Sounds like a good idea to follow KDEPIM guys. As we are not going to  
add/remove stuff from the module as it will be frozen (no code coming  
from kdereview or being deleted from the repo), we wouldn't need to  
change anything on the rules file (and that's great :) ).


PS: as soon as I finish the conversion that is running right now I'll  
push the code to my "scratch area" so you can take a look at the repo,  
check the history and then point if you find any errors/mismatches  
(the last try was 100% successful, just changing the names of the  
branches to match the ones of other modules and doing another test  
with the rules file).


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