Move kdeplasma-addons to git - take 2

Tom Albers toma at
Sun Nov 7 21:21:34 CET 2010


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> but that will require support from the release team as the release of
> kdeplasma-addons for 4.6 would have to come from instead
> of
> if the release team members veto that for the 4.6
> release, then
> we will need to consider the second (or some other?) option.

For now that will end up on Dirks plate. Considering that he has not been that active the last months, except for the basic release work, I'm not sure this is a good idea. At least we should not do it until we get an explicit ok from him. 

KDEPIM will switch on December 22, the day after the branch is created for the 4.6 cycle. I suggest for now to match their schedule so the 4.6.x will keep coming from svn and the 4.7 comes from git.

Matching it also has it advantages regarding notifying developers of the important changes and maybe the promo team can do something with that too. But that's all minor.

> and perhaps sysadmin could
> help us by
> making that area of svn read-only on the day the git import is
> scheduled to
> start.

That's no problem at all. Just make a note of that in the bugreport asking for the git repo (which should be done at least a week in advance) or ask one of us on irc.

Tom Albers
KDE Release Team & Sysadmin

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