Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Thu Jan 7 19:39:37 CET 2010

SVN commit 1071218 by neundorf:

-make cmake 2.6.2 find SDO 0.2

This didn't work since SDO 0.2 installs its files into share/cmake/SDO/, which is supported 
by cmake >= 2.6.3, but not by 2.6.2, which KDE requires.

It would be nice if SDO would install it into share/SDO/ or share/SDO/cmake, then it would be 
found automatically by cmake 2.6.2 and also 2.6.3 and all newer versions.


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 M  +8 -1      FindSharedDesktopOntologies.cmake  

--- trunk/KDE/kdelibs/cmake/modules/FindSharedDesktopOntologies.cmake #1071217:1071218
@@ -21,8 +21,15 @@
 # First try the SharedDesktopOntologiesConfig.cmake from shared-desktop-ontologies 0.2 and newer
-find_package(SharedDesktopOntologies ${SharedDesktopOntologies_FIND_VERSION} QUIET NO_MODULE)
+# This is to make it work with cmake 2.6.2, since SDO 0.2 installs its config file into 
+# the 2.6.3 compatible location only ( share/cmake/SDO/ instead share/SDO/[cmake/] )
+  find_path(_SDO_CONFIG_DIR SharedDesktopOntologiesConfig.cmake PATH_SUFFIXES share/cmake/SharedDesktopOntologies/ )
+find_package(SharedDesktopOntologies ${SharedDesktopOntologies_FIND_VERSION} QUIET NO_MODULE HINTS "${_SDO_CONFIG_DIR}" )

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