[Nepomuk] kde-4.4, virtuoso-6.1.0, and virtuosoconverter

Sebastian Trueg trueg at kde.org
Fri Feb 5 09:05:10 CET 2010

yeah... damn, apparently the text index is not enabled by default
anymore. Still was in 6.0.x snapshots I had.
This is fixed with a simple patch to the storage service though.
Maybe we need to port that back to the 4.4.0 tag, too.


Sebastian Kügler wrote:
> On Thursday 04 February 2010 23:18:18 Sebastian Trueg wrote:
>>>>>> Anyway, the converter is hacky tool allowing early adopters of KDE 4.4
>>>>>> who already tries Nepomuk with Virtuoso 5 (and thus, compile
>>>>>> themselves!) to easily convert their data.
>>>> Distro's who have provided RC's to their users are now more or less
>>>> obliged to run that script. Virtuoso was made a hard dependency (at
>>>> least for anyone compiling kdepim) so all svn users also need to
>>>> update.
>>> Bottom line is that distros will probably shop Virtuoso 6 to their
>>> end-users anyway,  so we need to make sure it works well with it. I
>>> don't think it's as easy as saying "it's too late to require V6",
>>> because it's not. Note that I don't like the situation, but to me it's
>>> more complex ...
>>> There's also the question what we require. As far as I know, KDE 4.4.0
>>> works with  virtuoso 5 and 6, so what would be natural is requiring at
>>> least V5, recommending V6 (for the upgrade path, BUT we haven't tested
>>> it yet).
>> And that is exactly what is happening. It works with both v5 and v6 but
>> nobody will package v5. Thus the converter.
> After using the converter, I don't get search results anymore. Listing tags works, 
> but queries fail with
> "/home/sebas/kdesvn/install/bin/nepomukservicestub(30328)" Error in thread 2958723952 
> : "SQLExecDirect failed on query 'sparql  select distinct ?p where { { ?p a 
> <http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#Property> . ?p 
> <http://www.w3.org/2000/01/rdf-schema#label> ?l . ?l bif:contains "'hastag*'" . } 
> UNION { ?p a <http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#Property> . 
> FILTER(REGEX(STR(?p),'hastag*','i')) . } }' (iODBC Error: [OpenLink][Virtuoso iODBC 
> Driver][Virtuoso Server]SQ200: Table referenced in contains does not have a text 
> index)"
> Any hint?

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