getting rid of kde-l10n

Rex Dieter rdieter at
Tue Feb 2 23:00:57 CET 2010

On 02/02/2010 03:45 PM, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> A Dimarts, 2 de febrer de 2010, Rex Dieter va escriure:
>> Hear me out. :)
>> I'm not proposing anything yet, but would like to hear about the
>> pros/cons of
>> 1.  status quo: shipping translations separately to software
>> 2.  shipping translations alonside (ie, in the same release tarballs)
>> the software.
>> How hard would it be to work toward something closer to 2 for KDE SC?
> What would be the benefit?

I know it's been this way for like forever.  Just wondering what kinds 
of attachments there are, and pros/cons of each approach.

Honestly, part of this comes from my being a distro packager, but 
keeping these separate is ... a bit painful(1).  Also, fedora's release 
team keeps asking my why kde keeps translations separate, and I honestly 
don't have a good answer for them.

Seems only the SC portions keep things separate, I mean extragear 
releases bundle software/translations together, so it's not like it's 
something new or different.

-- Rex

(1) releases that kept software/translations bundled together makes 
their packaging simpler, imo.

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