Moving 4.6 to git next Tuesday or Wednesday

Ian Monroe ian at
Mon Dec 13 22:30:29 CET 2010

We were discussing in #kde-sysadmin whether it made sense to move not
just trunk/4.7 development to Git next week, but 4.6 as well. No one
really likes the idea of having two SCMs active at the same time,
which was the current plan.

Do you consider putting together the release scripts in time for 4.6.0
to be a blocker? Since i18n is staying in SVN the complicated part of
the release script won't change any. And kdelibs, kdebase-*, and
kdepim* are all basically staying with a 1-repo-1-tarball ratio, so
they shouldn't be much trouble. (kdebindings might be more complicated
since they want to split up into about 6 or so tarballs at the same
time as their git release, though still 1 repo:1 tarball, but that
isn't the subject of this email)

So if we did the git transition next week, 4.6 rc1 would be the last
release to come out of SVN. We see the alternative as doing the
transition shortly after the 4.6.0 release next month. But (speaking
for myself) I'd only want to delay the release until next month if we
know for sure that there is a good reason to; eg you need this time.

Ian Monroe

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