Git transition for kdelibs and kdebase

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Wed Dec 8 18:50:33 CET 2010

On Wednesday, December 8, 2010, Anne-Marie Mahfouf wrote:
> - the 20th December is just before Christmas, some devels will not be aware
> of the change (I think most are not aware at all on what's going on)

it needs to be announced, yes; i think Ian wanted to pass it by release team 
first to be sure everything is ok with release engineering before announcing 
it to the entire community.

> - will everything from kdelibs and kdebase and kdepim move (trunk = 4.7 and
> 4.6 branch?)

history is being maintained; but whether future releases of 4.6 will done from 
git is indeed something that hasn't been made explicit yet. (imho all future 
releases should be done from git; backporting bug fixes from a git repo to svn 
will be hell otherwise)

> - why would some split and other not?

kdebase is splitting because it's already 3 modules: runtime, apps and 
workspace. a good test for this is that the 3 kdebase modules are not allowed 
to depend on each other at build time and they are packaged as three separate 
chunks by packagers. kdebase is "special" that way; no other module that i 
know of is actually multiple modules in one. 

> - what about other modules?

this needs updating:

that entire page could use with some scrubbing...

> what about l10n?

for now the translations themselves are remaining in svn to avoid disrupting 
their workflow. scripty apparently works with based repos now.

> - what about documentation for developers? what needs to be done?

there's a fair amount on techbase, but "what more needs to be done" is a 
mystery to me too. a good question to get answers to, though i suspect that 
some of those answers won't come up until KDE devs start using git and we find 
out what topics needs to be covered more.

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