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Wed Aug 4 14:09:32 CEST 2010

On Wednesday 04 of August 2010, Modestas Vainius wrote:
> On trečiadienis 04 Rugpjūtis 2010 12:31:27 Lubos Lunak wrote:
> > > Anyway, at this point I see this as completely lost battle. I guess we
> > > will need to start adding distro patches (sad) for bumping sonames of
> > > those public libraries because you do not seem to have much interest in
> > > following well defined practises in the unix world which are supported
> > > by
> > > libc/ldconfig/
> >
> >  And they seem to be quite good excuses for you too, it seems. If you
> > want this problem solved, kde-core-devel is a much better place for the
> > discussion then the release-team list at the point when the tarballs are
> > about to be released. You apparently have known for quite some time, so
> > yours "you" is actually "we".
> s/libsolidinterfaces/libnepomukquery/ in my previous mail.
> Similar topics have been on k-c-d before [1][2],

 There is nothing in either of those mails that supports your position, in 
fact exactly the opposite. They both state that some libraries, by design, do 
not keep binary compatibility, and that when a change happens, soname should 
be changed.

> but POV of "Laziness and 
> unawareness are pretty good excuses for many things." simply prevails.
> libnepomukquery is a pretty good example of that. People simply don't
> consider this important enough.

 Or they don't know, or they have forgotten.

> In this case, our arguments were apparently discarded because "making an
> exception for libkonq doesn't make that much sense".

 "to me" is missing at the end of that sentence. And, while I'm at it, the 
consequent "any other opinions?" is missing too.

> I admit it may be a 
> bit late as we do not package pre-releases nowadays (which may be our fault
> but that's the way it is for now). Therefore, I cannot be in supervisor
> position for these things until it is "too late" nor anybody would listen
> to me.

 Oh, poor you. But in case you'll get over this attitude and will be 
interested in fixing the problem, you've been told where the right place to 
discuss the problem is.

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