[Kde-bindings] Akonadi Meeting: exception request.

Richard Dale richard.dale at telefonica.net
Wed Apr 14 20:57:27 CEST 2010

On Wednesday 14 April 2010 03:28:35 pm toma wrote:
> Dear Release Team, Bindings Team,
> Akonadi will have a meeting from may 13th to may 16th. During this meeting
> we will hack at some small features. As kdepim is undergoing major changes
> due to the conversion to the Akonadi pillar, it is difficult to implement
> no new features during such a meeting.
> More importantly there will be an API review of new API introduced in the
> KDE 4.5 development cycle. This usually means tons of little changes, such
> as renames and additional consts, etc.
> I hereby ask an exception from the soft API freeze and Feature Freeze
> during this meeting. In practise, that means we might slip in one or two
> features and we won't mail the kde-bindings people on API changes for
> kdepimlibs and kdepim.
I would like to remove the akonadi Smoke bindings from the kdebindings module 
for KDE 4.5. I would prefer only Smoke library bindings for kdelibs, 
kdesupport, 3rd party Qt-only bindings and the Qt libs bindings in 
kdebindings. We are very happy to help you move the existing Ruby (plus C#, 
Perl, PHP etc if needed) and Smoke libraries to an Akonadi kde module and help 
support it in the KDE 4.5 release.

I not sure what Simon Edwards and the PyKDE guys think about this. They have 
already moved some python bindings out of kdebindiings and into the svn 
modules that the bindings wrap (eg Marble).

-- Richard

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