kde-edu meeting: exception request.

toma toma at kde.org
Wed Apr 14 16:38:59 CEST 2010


Annma has notified me that around may 20th there will be a big kde-edu meeting. Unfortunately that date is after beta 1 tagging. Annma told me that during this meeting she would like to be able to commit new features. As these features can not go into beta 1, I don't think it should be part of KDE 4.5. 

We have a couple of options to resolve it. We can refer to a simple work branch, but that brings in the task of merging, which no-one likes to do. Another solution I found most likely to work is that we branch of kde-edu on may 19th (beta 1 tagging). That means we create the 4.5 branch and only branch kde-edu. All the packages for kde-edu should then be based on that branch. Trunk kde-edu is then open for feature-commits. The edu team will take care of the extra work of keeping that branch up-to-date regarding bugfixes.

I understand this causes a little bit extra work for us, but it makes it possible for the edu-team to have a meeting which can be productive.



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