Drop KDevelop out of 4.4

Tom Albers toma at kde.org
Sun Nov 29 19:12:59 CET 2009

Op Sunday 29 November 2009 14:36 schreef u:
> I'm sad to say this, but the KDevelop team won't have KDevelop4.0 ready
> to release with KDE 4.4. We've had some discussions in the last 2 days
> and think its best if we drop out before the beta1 so it won't be
> confusing.

Sad indeed.

> We've also decided as this gets too much an anoyance for everybody, so
> we'll be moving kdevplatform and kdevelop from KDE/ to extragear where
> it belongs according to KDE policies.
> @Dirk: I don't have enough karma to do that move myself, so I'd like to
> ask you (or somebody else who has the power) to move kdevplatform and
> kdevelop to extragear/sdk. Also kdewebdev/quanta needs to be moved there
> too as it depends on kdevplatform.

Move has been completed. The buildsystem and l10n will hopefully be adjusted soonish.

KDE Developer

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