Freeze exemption for PA integration into Phonon

Eike Hein hein at
Wed Nov 18 18:24:22 CET 2009

Here are some blog posts on this work:

The ultra-condensed version is that it aligns the device
lists and priorities/policies maintained separately by
PulseAudio and Phonon, which right now can cause behavio-
ral quirks between apps using one or the other, and also
makes the the Multimedia KCM in System Settings basically
useless. With this work, it becomes useful again.

I think that merging this, rather than leaving distros to
do so on their own, would go a long way toward delivering
a spring round of distros based on 4.4 that take a lot of
the current out of the box pain with sound away.

Our two bix ootb experience problems over the last year
have been network management and sound, both of which come
down to playing nice with services that, like it or not,
are part of the stack in many of our biggest distros right
now - NetworkManager and PulseAudio. Network management
has come together, so let's fix sound now.

With Mandriva having shipped this in 10.0, we should have
quite some accumulated real-world experience with it by
February to ensure things are stable.

I'm hoping for an exemption + merge. Let's nip the "bah KDE
sucks, I can't get sound to work, but on $other_desktop it
works" problem in the bud as soon as we can :).

Best regards,
Eike Hein

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