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Nuno Pinheiro nuno at oxygen-icons.org
Sat Mar 28 02:26:26 CET 2009

A Saturday 28 March 2009 00:55:32, Sebastian Kügler escreveu:
> On Saturday 28 March 2009 01:27:58 Nuno Pinheiro wrote:
> > Well my issue is another as nothing to do with the issues so far.
> >
> > its about control, we are creating a new kde3.x mess couse aplications
> > are creating their hown versions of the same icons, and not teling any
> > one they do so, couse well they dont have 2.
> I see. I don't see another solution than to make it easy to ship all icons
> from one canonical source. Maybe we should have a mechanism to download
> missing icons automatically, so Oxygen is shipped as webservice. Or at
> least educating application developers better.
> Realistically, there will always be the problem of people not passing their
> modifications up, it's just too easy to change the name and ship it, while
> passing it back upstream is hard.
> This doesn't mean that what Oxygen ships should be clean.
> Am I assuming correctly that the only regressions caused by icons is when
> an icon gets a different name and needs to be moved?
> > second i have alrady done a couple of duplicated icons with slightly
> > difrent names couse well i forgot i did icon a for app B and icon c for
> > app D and a=c just that they dont.
> > i have no idea of how many icons we have done so far no idea of what apps
> > are using couse its out of the oxygen directory its scatered all around
> > kde svn.
> That sucks :/. So to you as icon developer, there should be One Canonical
> Place To Put All Icons...


> > this is a solution to that issue, no one came up with a beter one..
> Let's try to find a better one then :) I don't see in how far putting icons
> into kdesupport would solve that problem?

the idea was to put every single icon there

> Or is the problem the size of Oxygen? I can imagine that you don't want to
> ship every single special application icon in the world in the kdebase
> tarball. 

yeap in the end it will be quite a large group it allready is and im gessing 
about arround 100 are outside already,

> In that case, it would make sense to ship it separately. This
> change (which is the point of this discussion) is made already. Still,
> that's not something we should change in a bug fix update as Andreas
> pointed out as well.

Realy im fine with anything as long as it works, by working i meen having some 
way of geting a complete overview of the intire icon set, with i dont right 
now, and nor do developers, a developer serching for an specific icon for his 
app as no place to go and look for all of them unless he instales every single 
app out there that ships oxygen icons, and heven if he does he cant be sure 
its realy an oxygen icon or a icon some application developer found some ware 
and put it in his install oxygen directory...

I have no perfect anser for this but I can complain about it.... I have spoken 
about this to the other icon designers we all agrea that a centralized place 
for all icons is beter...

Oxygen coordinator  

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