Versions of dependencies for coming releases (Re: phonon version required for bindings?)

Dirk Mueller mueller at
Tue Jun 23 20:43:21 CEST 2009

On Tuesday 02 June 2009, Simon Edwards wrote:

> This is a problem for me at least and maybe others. The Python bindings
> includes bindings for a number of things from kdesupport such as phonon,
> akonadi and soprano. To get ready for release I need to know which
> branch/tag of these libraries will be the minimum requirement for the
> coming KDE release. IMHO, by soft freeze it should be pretty clear which
> versions/branches are in going to be in good enough shape to be a
> requirement for the next KDE release.


> The decision just needs to be made
> an documented on techbase.

Please not another copy of minimum requires. I think we should have one or two 
places in SVN where we hardcode the minimum version requires of KDE related 
packages (somewhere in kdelibs/cmake/modules comes to my mind) and which you 
can use for reference and which is used for the cmake checks itself, so that 
both are in sync. 

> Can we have this stuff settled by soft freeze in the future?

I hope it becomes less of a problem when we stop releasing phonon seperately 
and use the Qt version. My hope at least :)


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