KDE 4.3 Beta2 : missing/unreleased dependencies

Rex Dieter rdieter at math.unl.edu
Thu Jun 4 06:14:19 CEST 2009

On 06/03/2009 04:23 PM, Maciej Mrozowski wrote:
> On Wednesday 03 of June 2009 22:24:05 Ingmar Vanhassel wrote:
>> At least kdebase-runtime [1], and kdebindings [2] fail here if I use the
>> latest soprano release. Is soprano trunk required or will a soprano release
>> follow?
> Further "yet unstatisfied" (but at least listed in CMakeLists.txt)
> dependencies for 4.3 seem to be:
> - yet unreleased eigen for kdeedu/step
> - yet unreleased sip/PyQt4 for pykde4
> - trunk phonon for mplayerthumbs to work with phonon backend (and not mplyer
> executable - this one is optional though)

Also, I was under the impression that phonon would be addressed in time 
for 4.3 too.  To use qt's phonon, or standalone?  If the former, where 
would the xine backend come from?  If the latter, any new releases coming?

-- Rex

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