Help with release announcement

Tom Albers tomalbers at
Wed Jan 28 01:28:15 CET 2009

Op Wednesday 28 January 2009 01:11 schreef u:
> Hi,
> as hopefully some of the dot-people read here, or somebody at least knows
> where I should turn to: I'd like to have a dot article out with KDevelop's
> beta release, but so far were unable to reach the authors to coordinate the
> whole thing.
> The old dot had an email address (dot at kdenews org) to post messages to
> (which I did), but the new site doesn't have any email adress available at
> all - not even for the webmaster. It also doesn't seem to have any way to
> post an article as the old site had.
> So can somebody please let me know who/which adress I should write to to
> coordinate an annoucement on the dot.
> Andreas


I just poked them, and they seem to be aware of it  - at least now ;-).

In the meanwhile, you can email them on the email address you mentioned. It should not have changed.

If not, ping riddell on irc to discuss it with him.


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