Trunk based on Qt 4.5

Tom Albers tomalbers at
Mon Jan 12 22:35:04 CET 2009

Op Monday 12 January 2009 21:33 schreef u:
> On Monday 12 January 2009, Tom Albers wrote:
> > Thinking about it further. that would mean we have to state somewhere if it
> is ok to do Qt4.4 incompatible changes in the 4.2 branch.
> That would certainly NOT be okay, would it?
> In trunk maybe, but certainly not in the 4.2 branch which was released with
> Qt-4.4 and should keep working with Qt-4.4.

So, we agree on that. 
KDE 4.2.x should keep working with Qt 4.4. We need a good place to make that clear.


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