Is trunk dependant of Qt 4.5 or not, as of now?

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Thu Feb 12 22:03:43 CET 2009


I am confused if it is okay to add Qt4.5-dependant code to trunk, without an 
ifdef. What is the official policy? Is there one? There should be. I have no 
opinion in this regard, so I don't request the one or the other, just a need 
for clarity :)

The update of qt-copy to Qt 4.5 could be understood as "depending on 4.5 now", 
but that was done without any official notice to the simple developers as I 
am (at least it passed me without notice), so I don't know about the complete 
scope of that change.

Could there please be an official announcement for the developers in trunk?
And, if I may wish, it would be nice if such changes could be scheduled and 
announced in the future, so everyone can prepare and isn't catched by 
Like Alex so nicely warns^Winforms about CMake dependancy changes :)

Which are the official communication channels today, perhaps I just listen on 
the wrong ones?

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