[PATCH] Making Soprano optional (again) in kdelibs

Maciej Mrozowski reavertm at gmail.com
Sun Dec 27 14:34:23 CET 2009

On Tuesday 22 of December 2009 21:32:29 Alexander Neundorf wrote:

> > Now, in kdelibs there's a little inconsistency with Nepomuk related
> > CMake options logic:
> > - Soprano is always required
> > - SDO is optional
> > - Nepomuk libs are built when both Soprano (with all needed backends
> > and parsers) and SDO are found

> > Proposals (patch):
> > - find_library(Soprano) -> macro_optional_find_library(Soprano) keeping 
Soprano backend checks (so only Soprano with all needed backends is accepted)
> > - other minor changes in FindNepomuk.cmake:
> > * set "url" in macro_log_feature of Soprano to 
> > * accidental trailing spaces removals

> > Other proposal - to make SDO mandatory

> Actually I'd almost suggest make all that manadatory (soprano, SDO 0.2,
> nepomuk), and if people scream, at least we maybe finally get to some real
> solution. Right now it is just broken if nepomuk is optional but a hard
> requirement in kdepim.

Actually one of those people screaming would be me :)
From my perspective it's much more convenient to have Nepomuk libs (and thus 
soprano and SDO dependencies) optional for 4.4 as well.
Besides the only tool in kdepim that needs Nepomuk libs to build is mentioned 
akonadiconsole which is more or less developer tool and not user application 
and at least in current state - akonadi can live without Nepomuk QueryServer.
Also, one would argue but kdepim used to be quite standalone product (not part 
of KDE4 Workspace, actively maintained also for KDE 3.5), so imho there's no 
need to force some dependency for kdelibs only because it's mandatory in 
While keeping if (NEPOMUK_FOUND) and alike CMake code is considerable 
maintenance cost - this cost has already been born so there's nothing else to 
do for 4.4 (and dropping this code to simplify CMake files relying on the fact 
that Nepomuk libs being mandatory would cause another maintenance cost).
So I'm for 

> Or just ask for a comment on release-team at kde.org ?
> Problem is, the last times I asked we didn't come to a real conclusion,
> there were not too many people who answered...

In such case I guess it should be "who does the job - decides".

(updated and reattached patch again as crossposting)

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