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Mauricio Piacentini piacentini at kde.org
Mon Apr 13 00:50:37 CEST 2009

Stanislas Marquis wrote:
> Hello Mauricio,
> I am happy to tell you that Kamala actually does draw astrological
> charts (despite some Qt bugs).
> It can do very basic things like save/edit/delete chart, and get the
> current chart.
> I am also writing because I think now the problem of where in svn repo
> the project should be, must be asked sooner or later...
> I have looked around in repo and I think maybe utils or extragear
> would be ok but I dont really know the difference. But Kamala is not a
> game.... so.. what can I do now? who will decide? is there a mailing
> list I should write to, etc?
> Thanks for help, Happy easter

Hi. Stanislas Marquis, cc'ed on this message, is working on an 
astrological application for KDE, named Kamala. He contacted me some 
months ago for help, as I expressed interest on writing an astrology 
program for KDE on my "People behing KDE" profile.
As it turns out, he has been working on it a lot, and it currently 
resides on playground/games. We did not want to start the whole 
discussion of "where to put an astrology program in the KDE tree" before 
we actually knew the coding effort was going ahead. And Eugene (from the 
kdegames art team) is also interested in helping with art and logo, so 
hosting it in the games playground was natural at the start. It was not 
enabled in the top level CMakeList as well.

But as mentioned by Stanislas above, the application is now starting to 
become functional, and we need to find a place for it. I think utils is 
not the case, and extragear for what I know is for apps that want to 
release independently of KDE, isn't it? Even if it is extragears, we 
need a subdirectory there, and none of the existing ones seems suitable.

So... what now? kdetoys and kdeutils do not seem right. Kdeedu is 
probably not good as well, as it is more geared towards sciences that 
are part of the curriculum in most countries. Do we start a new module? 
If we decide to do this, then maybe it could be a place for other 
applications (currently on kde-apps) to live as well.

Mauricio Piacentini

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