kdesupport rearrangement

Benoit Jacob jacob.benoit.1 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 15:31:31 CEST 2008

2008/9/29, David Faure <faure at kde.org>:
> On Monday 29 September 2008, Benoit Jacob wrote:
>> If we remove /trunk/kdesupport, then we can use the name
>> kdesupport-for-trunk without any risk of confusion.
> I don't think we want to do that. People working on kdesupport (or fixing
> the occasional bug) expect it to be in trunk/kdesupport, it's the logical
> place for it.

OK, I understand... now. I had misunderstood your proposal, I believed
that by /tags/kdesupport-devel you meant the active development
branch. OK now everything suddenly makes more sense :)

>> Also, why couldn't we have /trunk/kdesupport-for-4.1etc. in parallel
>> with these tags ?
> Well not in parallel with "stable" ;-)

Then let's find another name :) what about
/trunk/kdesupport-stable-for-trunk? Long but explicit. Feel free to
suggest something more elegant.

>> I propose:
>> tags/kdesupport-devel
>> tags/kdesupport-for-trunk (what we called kdesupport-stable)
>> tags/kdesupport-for-4.1
>> tags/kdesupport-for-4.2
>> etc...
>> what do you think?
> The first two don't make sense to me. If you mean that people should work
> in the code in one of them, then tags/ is really wrong.

OK sure, I misunderstood what you proposed, see above.

Summing up, we arrive at this proposal. From your proposal, it amounts
to renaming kdesupport-devel to kdesupport-stable-for-trunk (the word
"stable" here makes it clearer how it is different from
/trunk/kdesupport, hopefully resolves the confusion)  and renaming
kdesupport-stable to kdesupport-for-x.y so multiple versions can

/trunk/kdesupport for kdesupport development


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