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Allen Winter winter at
Sat Sep 13 15:04:59 CEST 2008

On Friday 12 September 2008 18:32:29 David Faure wrote:
> On Thursday 11 September 2008, Allen Winter wrote:
> > I tried sending one release announcement to kde-cvs-announce.
> > Where it waited in moderation and never saw the light of day.
> Really !?!? This can't be. I mean, the queue is empty now, so surely
> that announcement went in at some point.
Hmm.. I think we mutually agreed to trash the message.
We discussed it on irc and came to the conclusion that using k-c-d + k-d was better.

> > We could ask the sysadmins to whitelist a few of the release team members.
> > I think I asked about whitelisting my email  address many months ago, but I don't recall
> > why that never happened.
> Added you now. But I have to give you the usual warning: be extra careful with
> the volume on that "list". Keep in mind that -everyone- with an svn account is there,
> so only send mails about stuff that affects everyone (and not just e.g. developers).
> And that for every email sent to that list, about 3 or 4 people ask to be unsubscribed
> from it [which can only be done by disabling their svn account] :)
> Initially it was only created to announce svn downtime. Basically.
> IMHO it's ok to use it for freeze announcements because this also affects everyone
> (although not most of the translators...) (but we won't have that anymore soon, if trunk
> is never frozen, right?). I guess it will become an announcement about branching instead.
> And for releases, so that contributors know when the general public gets
> to use their stuff :).
> But I'd say that's it; keep volume low, since people are subscribed there by force :)
This doesn't make me happy.
1) now I'm the "voice of the release team".  well, me and Dirk
2) you scare me with all the warnings.  this will be a much higher volume 
list then it currently is.  we need to send nags and early reminders for
all our milestones.  so this isn't a good solution either

I think I should be un-whilelisted.

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