a self debriefing

Riccardo Iaconelli riccardo at kde.org
Wed Sep 10 13:52:51 CEST 2008

On Wednesday 10 September 2008 01:46:13 Helio Chissini de Castro wrote:
> I'm fail to see benefits in terms that our primary visible users are
> distros. Doesn't matter when or how we decide launch, will be in the middle
> of schedule of some of then. So unless we decide benefit one distro, which
> would be bad, the 6 months is pointless. And is worse, since we, kde
> developers are seen distros backport more and more stuff from trunk because
> we launched too early or to late the date of their deployment..
> And to make it worse, the "always summer in the trunk" will make then
> confuse, and developers ( there's exceptions ) as we know don't care too
> much about distro bugs from stable series, imagine in a word without any
> kind of freeze

With the seasonal approach we can then easily go down to a 4-months schedule 
(with two months of winter?), to gain two things:

1) We'll fit better with distro releases. At least they can always ship a 
pretty recent version of KDE (worst case scenario it would be 4 months old). 
Without focussing on any specific distro we should in the end provide a better 
service to each of them.

2) Partly also due to the seasonal approach, less bugs due to less rushing of 
features: if it doesn't make it for release n, it's not too bad, n+1 is just 
around the corner.

Does that make sense?

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