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Helio Chissini de Castro helio at kde.org
Wed Sep 10 01:46:13 CEST 2008

On Monday 08 September 2008, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> some questions i'd suggest asking ourselves (please add your own as well):
> * what has the 6 month cycle won us in terms of real benefit thus far?
( taken out my distro hat here )
I'm fail to see benefits in terms that our primary visible users are distros.
Doesn't matter when or how we decide launch, will be in the middle of schedule 
of some of then. So unless we decide benefit one distro, which would be bad, 
the 6 months is pointless. And is worse, since we, kde developers are seen 
distros backport more and more stuff from trunk because we launched too early 
or to late the date of their deployment..
And to make it worse, the "always summer in the trunk" will make then confuse, 
and developers ( there's exceptions ) as we know don't care too much about 
distro bugs from stable series, imagine in a word without any kind of freeze

OEM and embedded projects doesn't care about dates and release, since they 
have their own pace, usually longer than a year and keeps their codebase alive 
for long time after their releases, as a common platform.

And regular final users don't compile packages, so, launch a source release 
means nothing basically for then.

> * are we getting the return in commitment promised from third parties due
> to the discipline of a 6 month cycle, or do we need to re-assess that with
> them?
Third parties who ?

> * how long before we can disentable the development cycle from it, ala Dirk
> and Sebastian's presentation at Akademy '08?
I would love to see it happens in the day after of 4.2
4.2 is a point of no return, but for 4.3 is feasible.

> * if that disentanglement will take more than a year, how do we deal with
> aligning our development with Qt? (our most critical and quickly evolving
> component)

Is there a reason to take a year ?

> * are application developers being well served by the amount and form of
> communication thus far?

Slowly, but based on the pace of digikam devels, is getting there

> * are the libraries being well served by the amount and form of
> communication thus far?
( putting distro hat now )
No at all. kdelibs is fine, bug phonon had that confusion during the 4.1 cycle 
and things like nepomuk, soprano, eigen, akonadi are all a mess in the 
Akonadi is the first one in the effort to stabilize kdesupport in last weeks, 
but is way too much to do ahead, and for after 4.2

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