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Tue Sep 9 23:38:00 CEST 2008

One idea I suggested on IRC was to have a js file that would allow you
to embed the deadlines in a webpage. Riddell correctly pointed out
that this is possible using online calenders  already. I'd say however
that from any machine parsable version of the deadlines etc. we can
generate anything we need, so lets get that stuff in a CSV file or
something on one of the kde websites.


On 9/9/08, Tom Albers <tomalbers at> wrote:
> At Tuesday 09 September 2008 17:26, you wrote:
>> On Tuesday 09 September 2008, Allen Winter wrote:
>> > How to do on-time reminders?  I think a computer should do this for us.
>> this may sound a little odd, but: blog software supports future posting.
>> that would enable us to:
>> * set up all the announcements ahead of time
>> * cancel announcements if the schedule changes
>> * give us an RSS feed for free
>> * the ability to send the announcements to kde-core-devel and kde-devel
>> (wordpress has plugins for this, for instance)
>> and as a freebie bonus:
>> * allow the release team to also keep a group blog for important
>> communications that isn't limited to timed reminders.
>> it's certainly one way to skin this cat.
>> something else that would be grand is a published iCal file that people
>> can add
>> to their korganizer...
> Yeah. for me personally an iCal file would work and fit into my workflow.
> Although I like the blog idea. It gives us the oppertunity to 'speak' as a
> group.
> But  I don't like maintaining a schedule on more than one place, that's
> asking for trouble in my opinion. So we need to figure out what the best
> source to store a schedule in. From an iCal file you can also go to html I
> think, so that might be the best format to store it in.
> Not sure how we can hook that into Aarons blog idea though.
> Best,
> Toma

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