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Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Fri Nov 7 00:50:18 CET 2008

A Divendres 07 Novembre 2008, Allen Winter va escriure:
> Howdy,
> Would it be possible to relax the licensing requirements in kdepimlibs to
> permit GPL code? Currently, kdepimlibs requirements are the same as
> kdelibs; i.e. only LGPL, BSD, X11.
> There are at least 4 GPL libraries in kdepim (libkholidays, libksieve,
> kdgantt, libkleo) that would be very useful for kdebase, KOffice and
> extragear.
> For example:
> libkholidays could provide holiday info for calendar plasmoids
> libksieve could allow Mailody to implement IMAP sieve filters
> kgantt would allow KOffice Gantt charts without having to use the current
> svn external etc.
> Attempts at relicensing these libraries has failed or is very difficult.
> We have tried.
> I've been told that there was agreement at the last Akademy to allow
> kdepimlibs to have GPL code?? If wasn't there so this is 3rd hand info.
> I'd like an official answer.  Or another suggestion.
> Comments?

I'm not at all involved in kdepimlibs besides roaming const & fixes :D But 
this is my advice, if you are going to accept GPL libraries in kdepimlibs 
adding a _gpl suffix to them seems a good idea so people linking know they 
are linking to a GPL library.


> -Allen
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