kdepimlibs Licensing

Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Fri Nov 7 00:39:09 CET 2008


Would it be possible to relax the licensing requirements in kdepimlibs to permit GPL code?
Currently, kdepimlibs requirements are the same as kdelibs; i.e. only LGPL, BSD, X11.

There are at least 4 GPL libraries in kdepim (libkholidays, libksieve, kdgantt, libkleo) that
would be very useful for kdebase, KOffice and extragear.

For example:
libkholidays could provide holiday info for calendar plasmoids
libksieve could allow Mailody to implement IMAP sieve filters
kgantt would allow KOffice Gantt charts without having to use the current svn external

Attempts at relicensing these libraries has failed or is very difficult.
We have tried.

I've been told that there was agreement at the last Akademy to allow kdepimlibs to have GPL code??
If wasn't there so this is 3rd hand info.

I'd like an official answer.  Or another suggestion.


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