Release Goals

Allen Winter winter at
Mon Nov 3 00:43:32 CET 2008

On Sunday 02 November 2008 4:12:29 pm Sebastian Kügler wrote:
> On Sunday 02 November 2008 13:29:23 Allen Winter wrote:
> > Here are the Release Goals for 4.2.
> > Please send me an update on them:  keep;  remove; move to 4.3 Goals
> > Also, please send me any 4.3 Goals that you have.
> Release Goals as in "unclear items"?
> I'm planning, as part of my "prep 4.2 release" to go through the feature list 
> and make it a list that makes sense to also non-KDE developers, condense some 
> features and extract the more important ones.
> This partly as a note so we don't end up duplicating work.

Good.  I'll leave it up to you then.
The 4.1 Goals doc you did was great.


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